Liverpool Folk Artist’s Song Released in Time for National Autism Week
26th March 2018
Upcoming Releases
9th April 2018

Aardvark Records was established in 2001 to be a new kind of record company: one that gave its artists a good deal, took care of the business side of music and allowed the creativity of its artists to developed naturally.

The business side entails areas such as licensing, distribution, synchronization, publishing and pressing physical music formats. Aardvark Records has a variety of artists currently on its books spanning folk, blues, funk, pop and indie rock plus mixtures of those and has just started to take on another wave of new acts for 2018.

Artists that would work best with Aardvark are ones who like to have complete control over their own recording and writing processes. We are not looking to get involved in the studio, production or mastering process and look for artists who want to put their music ready for release on our desks.

Aardvark’s A&R also covers publicity and promotion and therefore performs two functions; 1. is to listen to your music and suggest ways to promote it on and off line and to work with you to choose the songs to release as singles and/or on an EP or album: song selection and promotion.

We aim to listen, consider and respond to everyone so am going to suggest something:

if you read this, please sign the Guest Book on entry to this website for possible radio play on SourceFM

Therefore: When we reopen for submissions – see an update on this website – please follow the guidelines on our Sending Demos page carefully and send us your stuff from August onwards.  The way you present your submission says many things about you. Great music; songwriting, production, arrangement, instrumentation and mastering will almost certainly be the major factor in us choosing to work together. We will give all our artists the same amount of attention.

When considering new acts, we will look and listen to the whole package so far. Whether you are about to become famous or have recorded your first song, we welcome you to contact us (after 13 April) and after our next A&R meeting, will respond to you in between listening and promoting our current acts.

Wishing you a very happy Easter.