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22nd March 2018
27th March 2018

To mark National Autism Week, a song called Just Me (Sam’s Song) by folk artist from Liverpool Steve O’Connor about a Scottish girl with Autism called Sam will be available for free listening on various Autism organisations websites

Just Me (Sam’s Song) looks from inside out at the world as seen by a young person with autism. Documentary and film makers worldwide have responded enthusiastically to the song and Steve is talking to producers to determine where best the song can be placed.

This blog by playwright, producer, screenwriter, critic, essayist, poet and actor Anthony J Piccione talks about the song and how it addresses life with Autism and the song can be heard via the link he provides too.

Meanwhile, in the UK it is National Autism Week and anyone who would like to can hear the song on websites including Scottish Autism and Axia AS.

Here’s an article by Jodie Murphy about how Autistic strength inspired the song Just Me (Sam’s Song).

The song can also be heard here on App Box.

A blog called Our Disability Community also applauds how Just Me (Sam’s Song) talks about the strengths of people with Autism. People have also been Tweeting the song and adding it on Pinterest.

To buy the song, please go to iTunes (Apple Music) or Amazon and the song is available on CD via this link.