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Solaris are Ilya Truskovsky and Vladimir Khlopovsky who have together created an ambient film music album entitled Pyramid Paradigm, an ambient, acoustic project that’s been recorded in huge pyramids near Moscow, which were built by a crazy Russian scientist.

The album’s aims were to be creative and scientific, as evidence has been found via practical experiments that show how the pyramids have a huge impact on accumulation and redistribution of energy.

The pyramids were built exclusively using the classical “Golden Section”, hence creating “a proportion which is considered to be particularly pleasing to the eye.” The album has been creating using the natural reverberation generated by the pyramids, meaning that no artificial reverb has been used in the mix.

This collaboration incorporates two musicians, each with their own burgeoning careers. Starting out as a classical Pianist, Russian-born Ilya Truskovsky is a composer, musician, producer and electronic artist who creates symphonic music for films.

Since moving to Los Angeles, Ilya is getting noticed and has just finished an eclectic score comprising club electronics, ambient and symphonic music with some Arabic dance for a big feature drama “Buy Me” with Oscar-nominated direct Vadim Perelman.

In 2016, Ilya worked with Ralph Fiennes’ younger brother, composer Magnus Fiennes on music for two shows on Sky “Hooten and the Lady and “Death in Paradise. Season 6”. Ilya is already booked in for 2018 for various projects on both sides of the Atlantic, such as a co-production between the UK and Hollywood “The Three Hares”, which is currently in development.

During the year 2016 Ilya worked with famous composer Magnus Fiennes (younger brother of an actor Ralph Fiennes) on the two TV shows for Sky network: “Hooten and the Lady” and “Death in Paradise. Season 6”. He’s schedule looks very busy on both sides of the ocean, he is already signed for a number of projects in Los Angeles and in Europe for 2018. One of the projects is a brand new franchise “The three hares”, it’s a Hollywood/UK coproduction that’s being developed right now.

Ilya collaborates extensively with well known music and sound provider for the gaming industry Somatone Interactive and has composed for over 20 games already and his catalogue of work can be experienced on his IMDB profile.

Previously, Ilya and Vladimir Khlopovsky co-wrote and produced another album “Voice of Lama”, one of the best selling albums in its genre, after Vladimir went on a 3 year retreat to a distant cave and afterwards the pair were approached by a lama. Vladimir wanted to record mantras with western sounds. One of the tracks was performed during the coronation of Buddha in Nepal and was noticed by Cher, who is known for her appreciation of Buddhist culture.

Vladimir Khlopovsky was noticed by soviet composer Gennady Gladkov when he was six years old and won second prize at a Moscow piano competition aged 13. However, Vladimir went on to study guitar at the Moscow Conservatory college, graduated onto Gnesin’s Music Academy and then in the early 1990s, took his postgraduate in Lübeck, which was the music Mecca when Zakhar Bron comes to mentor, bringing many brilliant students including Vladimir with him, rocking and raising the musical life of Europe to a new level. Vladimir performs in ensemble with such luminaries as Zakhar Bron, Berent Korfker and Valery Oistrakh.

At the turn of the millennium, Vladimir teaches guitar at Gnesin’s Music Academy and starts concentrating on recording, producing movie soundtracks and experimenting with electronic musicians and DJs. In 2002, Vladimir and Ilya are amongst those who establish Déjà vu Records, which goes on to be the best electronic label in Russia, receiving multiple awards. A few years later, the pair move on to create Rombida Records and a post production facility for movies.

Since recording Pyramid Paradigm, Vladimir has embarked on a classical music tour of the United States and Europe, playing in California, Nevada, New York, Montenegro, Cyprus, Russia, Germany. His latest solo album is being mixed and prepared for release in both digital and vinyl formats.

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Kel Pritchard is a record producer and a composer. He has had a number of CDs released worldwide by several record companies. Much of his work has appeared on film and TV. He has been composing in a wide variety of styles since the ‘80s. His music has a vibrant and rhythmic feel combining modern technology and traditional instruments. He has worked with and produced a variety of artists over the years.

Louieze – What Ya Doing

Louieze, born in Portishead near Bristol in the UK’s South West, was a keen artist as a child and covered endless reels of wallpaper with drawings.

The musical artists that have inspired Louieze reflect her passion for visual arts as well as music such as David Bowie and Kate Bush. Today, Louieze’s stereo is never without artists from ranging from Escobar, Yann Tiersen to Talk Talk and Vangelis.

In January 2008, Louieze’s song Get Out lept into the top ten of the World Independent chart at number 9, which is voted for by listeners across the Australian Independent Radio Network ZXF Countrywide and she has reproduced the song for release next year.

Years before, the first song Louieze wrote was inspired by the great mechanical and civil engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, whose engineering masterpiece SS Great Britain is a popular attraction in Bristol.

Louieze’s first single What Ya Doing was written in her room at the top of her house while gazing at the view out of the window. Louieze says: “I was feeling a little confused, trapped by life and sensual at the same time. A real mixture”.

Music took over her self-expression palette when she joined a band aged 23 as their keyboardist and backing vocalist and soon Louieze started to envisage performing her new songwriting. After numerous live gigs with the band, Louieze set out a home studio and started to record her own songs.

With a MIDI set up as well as various instruments, Louieze taught her self to play various instruments and to produce music. The resulting songs were written from her experiences, views, emotions and imagination. Live performances are planned for when Louieze is able to arrange a fully produced live set once her album is fully finished.

Louieze has been working in a studio to record her follow-ups to What Ya Doing and she says she gets a sense of elation when a song is finished. As well as self-producing at home, Louieze is working on her first album to follow her single releases.

Aardvark Publishing will be responsible for extra reach to place What Ya Doing with TV or film soundtracks, while Louieze develops her live VJ set.