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VALLEY OF PRAYERS by Richard Le Fort

Lifelong Producer and Musician Releases Instrumental Atmospheric Album

A lifelong musician who played keyboards and saxophone has released a 4 track meditation album on Lightfall Records, an offshoot of Cornwall-based Aardvark Records.

Richard Le Fort started in music playing in rock bands and was then attracted to jazz and started arranging and writing his own music in the 1970s.

Based in New Zealand in the 80s he became the executive music producer of Radio New Zealand until the mid-1990s when he started running his own production company.

Richard, also known as Dick, became one of New Zealand’s busiest TV and radio commercial producers and has produced 54 albums for artists as a record producer to date.

With lifelong involvements in film and TV as well as playing and creating music, Richard Le Fort has combined all these passions into creating an album of atmospheric, incidental and chill-out music with each track lasting around 12-14 minutes.

The album is available on CD direct from Kunaki for $6.99 USD.

A video trailer for the album can be seen on YouTube

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THE SPACE BETWEEN GALAXIES by Andy Reeve & Kel Pritchard

A Spoken Word Meditation CD that takes you on a journey across the universe

Andrew Reeve & Kel Pritchard have recorded a ‘spoken word’ guided meditation CD. It is accompanied by a beautifully orchestrated soundtrack written and recorded by the composer, Kel Pritchard. Entitled ‘The Space Between Galaxies’ it takes you on a journey within; to the ‘centre of all things’.

Kel Pritchard is a record producer and a composer. He has had a number of CDs released worldwide by several record companies. Much of his work has appeared on film and TV. He has been composing in a wide variety of styles since the ‘80s. His music has a vibrant and rhythmic feel combining modern technology and traditional instruments. He has worked with and produced a variety of artists over the years.

Andrew Reeve has been a spiritual healer since the early eighties and specialising in Past Life Healing 10 years later. He has been in and out of the music business all his life and is currently Chair of Aardvark Music Limited a UK based Indie record company.

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Cyndi is a Metaphysical teacher and a psychic. She trained as a shaman, and also practices: Reiki, massage therapy, hypnosis, and is a Channel.

She is also an expert astrologer.

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