BREAK AWAY By Zach Prather

Zach Prather, based in Switzerland, is a blues funk artist and singer-songwriter who has worked with renowned acts including Mick Jagger and Etta James as well as Screamin’ J Hawkins and Willie Dixon, who have been part of Zach’s journey to create his own “B Funk” style.

Born in Chicago in 1952, Zach was in the right city to have been produced by icons of Chicago Blues such as Willy Dixon as well as Horst Lippman, founder of the American Blues Fest for two decades from 1962 and credited with bringing American blues to Europe.

Across his career, Zach has been signed to various labels for various projects including Universal Music, Areola Amercia, Dixon Landing and two imprints based in France: Taxi Records and Melode/Encore.

Over this time the producer of Earth Wind and Fire, Denise Williams and The Emotions; Charles Stephany has recorded with Zach on various occasions.

As a songwriter, Zach has written for Motown, ATV Publishing and Holland, Holland. The latter was started by hit writers Holland, Dozer and Holland of Motown.

Zach has recently performed live gigs over social media from his studio in Switzerland with his band The Tribe, while producers have finished mastering his latest recordings.

The press have already responded well to Zach Prather and The Tribe. The LA Times has described him as “The new bad boy of the blues” recently and Living Blues says: “He’s got the chops, the voice and the funk to garner a wide and modern blues audience.”

Now Zach releases his latest single Breakaway on Aardvark Records on 10th March on digital music sales such as iTunes.

Break Away is available on Amazon and iTunes from 10th March







by The Great Emu War Casualties

The Great Emu War Casualties are an alternative band based in Amsterdam, who have an international line up, comprising two surnames from music royalty: Jackson and Clapton.

It is Not Fun, it’s Not a Hat is one of 7 EPs recorded in lead vocals and guitarist Joe Jackson’s flat in Liverpool when he last visited the UK. Further releases are in the pipelines before an album.

Keyboardist Elliot Scullion also provides guitar and vocals and is also from the UK, playing alongside drummer Arthur Dherbermont from France and bassist Saskia Clapton is from Sydney Australia.

The four-piece took their band name from a 1932 military operation in Australia to manage the wildlife and a notice on a hat stand seen by Saskia Clapton when she was touring in Tokyo with her previous band quirkily inspired their EP name.

The Great Emu War Casualties have chosen the specialist album know how of Aardvark Records in Cornwall to distribute It is Not Fun, it’s Not a Hat and subsequent releases, which promise to be as eccentric and colourful as their song titles.

Their music is an atmospheric concerto of guitars and keyboards, which glide and gently flow through the songs, which celebrate the absurd and melancholic, such as “The Rip Off” which tells the story of someone struggling to adjust to the 21st Century. As with many successful songs, such as those by Fleetwood Mac, the other two tracks convey atmospheres that mark the end of relationships.

A recent review on music blog Penny Black Music in February 2018 has already declared that international band The Great Emu War Casualties are “Musically also they have real muscle.” Two more EPs will follow shortly, followed by an album.

A 2018 review of “It is Not Fun, it’s Not a Hat” by John Clarkson, here on Penny Black Music.

Plus a review on Manchester music blog Even The Stars, and others appearing since It Is Not Fun, It’s Not a Hat’s February release.

You can buy It is Not Fun, it’s Not a Hat on iTunes and Amazon as an EP or three singles.