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My name is Boy Marcelis, Dj / producer from Leiden, Holland.

Music always played a major roll in my life, in my childhood my brothers told me everything about music. Later my favorite genre became dance music and I started to buy vinyl records from my allowance. With secondhand turntables I made my first mixtapes. Over the years I spent most of my savings on equipment and built my own studio.

Recently I also started producing house music because my head is always full with music and I wanted to do something with these ideas. Music for me is the best way to relieve stress and at the same time gain a lot of energy. Whether I get rich and famous or not, I will always be involved in music, I just need it that much! But it would be fantastic if other people got a good feeling from my music as well, in the end that’s my goal!

Pretty quickly my music got picked up by Aardvark Records UK and they offered me a contract. For me this confirmed that I’m on the right track with what I’m doing!

I’m not trying to follow a certain style, I just do whatever comes up in my head, but I think you can describe my style as an energetic mix of progressive and electronic house, just go to and check it out!

David Koonen


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In the early 90’s, David Koonen started producing music with trackers on the Atari ST. Moving on, he started mixing hardcore and breakbeat and spending a lot of time in the record shops. The buzz in record shops told what was hot, was not and broadened his experience of electronic music. His ‘musical ear’ developed. He unpicked countless tracks, listening to the productions and the arrangements – allowing him to discover what was possible in mixing. It also made him think about the technical things he wanted to do in producing music.

2007 saw David studying with producer Lez-Gelm with the “Cubase and mixing” course. Following that David and Lez-Gelm created a few trance tracks together including “Unknown Destination” (which ended up on “DJZ Club Package Vol. 16”) and “On The Moon”.

In the years that followed he started working together with artists Hannu Rekilä from Finland and Martin Bianco from Amsterdam. This resulted in 2 EP’s (“Tomorrow” and “David Koonen vs Hannubal”) at Aardvark Records.

In 2012 he got signed at Temple of Boom Recordings where David and Lez-Gelm released Minimal and Tech House tracks like “Elektrik Morse”, “Tribes” and “Didgerie Vibes” (which ended up in many mixes and was released on the album “100 Minimal & Techno Songs” by Bavaria Records). Under the group name “120 Hertz” they continued releasing tracks like “Flatliner”, “Get Your S On The Floor” and “Regulated By Machines”.

In 2014 David started dj’ing for radio stations “Sobel Nation Radio”, “Wild Cat FM” and “Dance World Radio”. In that year he also created a remix of his track “On The Moon” with vocals by Kurt Maloo (of the band Double). At the end of 2014, David joined Andrew Reeve as A&R manager of Dance at Aardvark Records.

In 2015 David teamed up with Julian Marsh and they formed the group “Koomar Beat”, releasing “Fix It (The Remixes)” featuring Misty Mountain and “Sweet Desire (The Remixes)” featuring Natalie Hadlow.


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Marcel Otte of Division – hard euro techno music Division is hard techno producer Marcel Otte.  Division releases contain hard kicks, hard basses and hook-lines – all the ingredients to make any hardstyle music fan very happy.

With a bevy of club & radio hits in the USA, Marcel has quickly made a name for hoimself producing a fresh and familiar sound with superior production values.  Unashamedly influenced by earlier techno sounds, he has have put a contemporary twist on the bedrock of his creative inspiration.  The use of superb vocalists has produced a series of cross-over hard dance tracks.

To hear more full length tracks from Division, please visit

DJ RESIDENCIES (Clubs & Events):
2007-Present   Home bass events
2006-          Tor 11 club  /Bochum area
2005-          Heaven club /Bochum area
2002-          Europa palast club/ essen area
2002-2005      Planet club /Resident dj  /Bochum Area
2001           Jojo club /Essen area
2000           Disco Marathon 7 days and 7 nights
world record / Tarm center club / bochum area
2000-2001      Playa club /Bochum Area
2000           Hexenhouse records Lable Party /Dinslaken area
2000           Neuschwan stein /Köln area
2000           sinus 5.8 Event Lable Party Tollkien Group /Köln area
1999-2000      Tarm center club /Bochum area /best club Germany
1998           Plaza club / Dorsten area
1998           You Event  Dj marathon /Dortmund area/
westfalia hall / Radio Station 1 Live
1998           Street Parade /Frankfurt area
1994-1998      Fun club / Essen area

Remote Records
Tremplin Beats Production
Te-ton Nation Production
Apoleks Production
Tollkien Group Records Germany
Plattenmann Hamburg /DJ Promotion
Salvatore Mirto


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Thomas Allemann a.k.a Duneflyer was born in Solothurn, Switzerland, where he grew up. Duneflyer started making music when he was 14.

He was inspired by French electronic music composer, Jean Michel Jarre, and wished to become a great electronic music producer like Jarre.

Destiny however paved the way towards aeronautical industry. Years after he became an Airline pilot, he lives and works currently in Doha, Qatar – the middle east, as a wide body aircraft Commander. Apart from traveling around the world, he produces dance music in his home studio.

His musical career began to take off in sept. 2009 when he was contracted by Aardvark Records UK. With album release “Dune Trance”, singles “Dark Blue”, “Dreams Come True”, “Silver Stripes”, “When It Rains” and a brandnew single “Tranceformed” out in 2015 he’s now working on a great new album feat. vocals by Misty Mountain.


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Firedance was originally formed in 2006 by techno & tech house producers Marcel Otte and DJ/Producer Stephan Lohmann.

Marcel went solo in 2008.

With a bevvy of club & radio hits in the USA, Marcel has quickly made a name for himself producing a fresh and familiar sound.  Unashamedly influenced by earlier techno sounds, he has have put a contemporary twist on the bedrock of his creative inspiration.  The use of superb vocalists has produced a series of cross-over hard dance tracks.


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Hi, I am Hannu Rekilä, an electric music composer working with the artist name Hannubal. I was born in Finland on 15th of November 1984. My music genre is usually melodic trance. I started my first music making in 2005, when I was studying radio work, photographing and other media stuff in Oulu. I first used the music software FL Studio for my hobby, and soon became to make music for some short movies and school projects with my friends.

In around 2006 I met David Koonen through Internet Relay Chat, and we started to make our first projects then. I got some better music softwares for my computer like Cubase and ever since I have been trying to make the electric songs as professional as possible. At the same time I studied to be a radio reporter in Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences.

My first published songs were in David Koonen’s album called “Tomorrow”, released around 2010. That album included a song called “Flying over Europe”, which was composed by me and mixed by David. It was also on a short movie called “Grandmother’s Mushroom Soup”, directed by Joonas Makkonen.

In 2011 I made another album with David called “David Koonen vs. Hannubal”. Around this time I also graduated from the university, and worked as a radio reporter in Finnish broadcasting company Yle.

At the moment I am working on my first solo records, and the first single is almost finished now. Working with Aardvark Records and David Koonen I will be releasing more new music in the coming years. I hope you enjoy my music.


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Hardformers is hard euro techno producer Marcel Otte.  Hardformers releases contain hard kicks, hard basses and hook-lines – all the ingredients to make any hardstyle music fan very happy.

With a bevvy of club & radio hits in the USA, Marcel has quickly made a name for hoimself producing a fresh and familiar sound with superior production values.  Unashamedly influenced by earlier techno sounds, he has have put a contemporary twist on the bedrock of his creative inspiration.  The use of superb vocalists has produced a series of cross-over hard dance tracks.

Jeff Alford

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2006 was the year that saw Psytrance DJ and Producer Jeff Alford break out into the international dance music scene with his album “Heart of Trance” and his award winning video to the album’s first single “Visions in Space”. However, his story started much earlier.

1998 was the year when Alford was part of a Hip-Hop band called Little Buddha in Lebanon. The experience gave Alford the confidence he needed to go solo. In 2002, after intensively studying the recording arts in America, Alford released his debut album “Down To Earth”.   The 30 track Hard Trance/Hard House) double album was released through his own Jamixart Productions label.

His trance track “Reaching the Top” was selected for inclusion on the “Hot Clubbing Vol.5” dance compilation CD in 2003 with 1.3 million copies released. ‘Hot Clubbing’ was released in conjunction with The Daily Star & The Express newspapers in the UK. The mix was also selected as background music for the television advertising campaign, which included broadcasters such as MTV, Paramount, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky One.

Alford licensed the album “Down to Earth” to Nonego Records in 2004.  The track “Feeling The Energy” from the album appeared on the “Psychic Vol.1” compilation release and Red Earth Studios Ltd (Powerboat P1 World Championship Mid-Season-Review).  5 mixes from the album were selected for the background music broadcast on Sky Sports, and The Sailing Channel).

Julian Marsh

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After accidentally becoming a DJ in 1995, Julian was asked to produce his first song while eating a chicken sandwich at the 1996 Miami Music Conference. Julian has DJd all over the world, sold hundreds of thousands of CD compilations, and has produced hundreds of songs for artists including, Whitney Houston, Dolly Parton and Celine Dion, Doris Day, KC & The Sunshine Band, France Joli and The Village People. With a strong emphasis on slamming house tracks, Julian is knocking out one hit after another.

In 2015 Julian teamed up with David Koonen and they formed the group “Koomar Beat”.


Michiel Grob is a techno music producer known as MKGRB who comes from a small town called Oudewater in the Netherlands.

Stadsradio Rotterdam, a Dutch radio station, which was revolutionary for its time for playing various styles of house music is the inspiration for Michiel’s love of music and he particularly enjoyed the genres two extremes of hardcore and mellow house.

Mixtapes followed and Michiel starting working on a Fast Tracker 2 to learn how house music was made and he spent hours experimenting with different styles and sounds.

After a break to focus on other things, Michiel bought a set of vinyl turntables and started to produce his own tracks, using a digital audio workstation, which can be best described as progressive and techno styles of trance.

Inspired by other producers including Marco V and Marcus Schulz, Michiel started experimenting with early and recent house styles to creating new ideas and as MKGRB, now releases an EP called Camouflage on Aardvark Records, which was started in 2016 and revised, with the Midnight and Dark edits created this year.

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Natalie Hadlow

Nat’s debut release saw her collaborating a track between Tokyo and South Africa for a flavor that has yet to be defined.
A jazz trained pianist, vocalist and electronic music producer, Natalie Hadlow, started collaborating with South African producers in 2010 as N-Chant. The focus was on Electro Swing and dance music, all wrapping around her profound  lyrics, which are birthed out of her unique journey: one which has been filled with many adventures, trials, tribulations and deliver an intensity that  exposes/unveils truth. Her experience as a Mantra singer, student of the vedas and Sanskrit sacred sounds, lend a consciousness to her writing, inviting the listener into a human experience. She started singing and playing music at age 4, and has always pursued her love of music passionately and with dedication to the art.
Natalie performs in and around Johannesburg as a DJ, producer, singer and pianist (depending on the occasion) and has toured South Africa and Zanzibar.

Country: South Africa
City: Johannesburg
Facebook page:

Reginald Todd

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Austin, TX to Atlanta, GA, to New York City then back home to Austin, TX, Reginald Todd has pursued his musical aspirations wherever his spirit beckoned him. In the process of this pursuit, his exposure to an eclectic mix of genres and artists has transformed his music production and songwriting skills. Never content being a one trick pony, Reginald Todd has molded himself into an artist who transitions fluidly from Soulful R&B to Pop to Dance to Jazz and even Country music. Reginald Todd’s belief that “versatility is key” is what allows him the flexibility to not only work with a wider range of artists, but also to infuse a wider range of musicality and his “signature style and sound” into each musical project. It was this signature sound and his remix material in New York that caught the ear of David Koonen at Aardvark Records. Under the guidance of David Koonen, Reginald Todd created the material that would eventually become his debut EP release on Aardvark Record’s label. “This is a dream come true for me! I am so grateful to David for believing in me and giving me the opportunity I’ve worked so hard for!” says Reginald. With the firm backing of Aardvark Records and David Koonen, Reginald Todd is poised to take over the dance charts and dance floors all over the world! If you don’t know his name now, you will very soon!


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The last 20 years Shahrooz has built up a lot of experience in different fields, from lounge to Hardcore techno. In life you have to build up experience to find your passion. His passion is Tech / Electro house music, building an atmosphere for those who need to relax and get away from the daily stress. The finest tracks served exactly at the right moment. He becomes one with the audience and is ready for take off!
+31(0)6 22565055
Marie Heinekenplein 606
1072 ML Amsterdam

When things become big, people forget what it was all about. When you enjoy what you are doing, people will feel that and connect with you. Shahrooz chooses to do things that makes him move. He only plays a few times a week so that when he plays, he can make the difference. His opinion is that as a Dj you have to be a part of the party and team with the audience. You need to be informed about your audience, so that you can give them exactly what they need. This makes every party or celebration different. At the end of the day it’s all about going home with a fullfilled feeling by expressing yourself.

Staedler & Waldorf

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The breaks and drum and bass fusion act Staedler & Waldorf are a squelchy Welshy band with more styles than a Run Run Shaw flick.  Rough in the jungle, the dancehall and the house, Staedler & Waldorf growl from the stalls, making their namesake look like a rubbish salad and a biro that never works when you’re trying to write a ‘to do’ list. This is ‘music that fucks you on the dancefloor’ according to a post on their MySpace page.  This is grimy, pulsating, electronica from the home of Clarke’s pies and Shirley Bassey.

Steve Jones has been producing music for more than 20 years, his first five releases as Groovy Onion all placed in the top 5 in the dance chart and secured remix projects for Lee Coombes.

Paul Smith and Steve Jones have worked together on various projects for over nine years.  As DBOOGA, they played Glastonbury for 3 years running and now, as Staedler & Waldorf, they’ve teamed up with Lacey Chaiff, and performed for pigs all around space with the equivalent eclecticism of a George Clinton hairdo.


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Since his childhood, Goa and Psytrance producer Christoph Allemann (a.k.a Timeliner) has been fascinated with the world of synthesizers and electronic sounds.

In his early days, he composed his own songs and had fun to playing them to audiences at school.

In 1995 the upcoming techno-scene in Switzerland inspired him to do some live-acts at Goa-parties with what was then some pretty basic equipment: a ROLAND TB 303, MC 202, TR 808 and a Clavia Nordlead. These helped him to discover his musical orientation.

Only a few years later, he dared to do the next step. Using some new tools, he found new ways to sculpt his own sound: with computer, plugins, new synthesizers and the technical support from his brother Thomas Allemann (a.k.a Duneflyer ), Over the years Christoph has developed his own style and has released great albums since.

Urban Razz Collectiv

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Urban Razz Collectiv is a collaboration between Robert Soeterbroek (producer) and Arno van Duin (Vocals). Both active in the music-scene for quite some time now, things were coming together finally when they decided to start working together. And what a mind-blowing encounter it is. For once and for all enriching the face of music. The sounds and songs Urban Razz Collectiv launches into orbit can best be described as “neither flesh nor fowl”.
Open your mind and let their fresh smoothly tunes connect to your soul. Let their sun enlighten your darkness.


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Yuto is a Electronic Dance Music producer and DJ hailing from Japan.
While he had no formal music production education, Yuto knew that he wanted to create music for as many people as would listen. So he studied up on how DJ’s and producers make music, and found a program that he could work with. After countless hours of fidling around with many knobs and modulators he finally created something that sounded good to him…..and he’s been cranking out big rave tunes ever since.
While creating big room bangers is his main passion, the DJing aspect of the EDM scene always fascinated him as well. So he bought some cdj’s and a mixer and started taking gigs wherever he could find them. He hopes one day to make it as a big DJ/Producer and until that time he will just keep doing what he loves.

Zetan Spore

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In 1995 the band Zetan Spore formed in West Cornwall. The band’s originator Ian Hasdell was inspired by psychedelic rock in the late 80’s and it’s evolution into early dance acts such as Eat Static and Astralasia, which brought about the new genre of Psytrance in the first half of the 90’s.

Starting with a second hand Amiga 1200 computer, Ian started arranging samples for his own psychedelic dance music.

After releasing his first album called Alien Frequencies in 1996 and then getting heavily into the world of synths and sampling, Ian’s twin brother Mark came on board playing guitar and didgeridoo to form their unique synergistic partnership.

Zetan Spore then brought out an album Visitation in 1997 and were then signed to Aardvark Records, where they have so far released another ten albums spanning two decades starting with The Pillars of Creation in 1998 up to their most recent, Dimensions, in 2018.

More motivated by the live side of music since their first gig in 1997, Zetan Spore are now known as one of the few live Psytrance acts on the regular festival circuit, as they have kept their live performance almost entirely hardware based, using synths and samplers with the guitars and didgeridoo as well as computer technology.

The highlights of Zetan Spore’s extensive live performances include playing to a 25,000 strong crowd at the Euphoria Festival in Singapore and a high altitude set in the Swiss Alps. Zetan Spore have also performed at festivals such as Waveform, Beautiful Days, Sunrise and Bearded Theory.

Zetan Spore’s music is energetic and positive Psytrance with didgeridoo-fuelled tribal breaks and guitar riffs adding to the electronic side of the music. They have built up an enthusiastic live audience with their unique sound and are dancefloor pleasers.