Want us to hear you? Please send links to demos via our Guest Book

We must point out that Aardvark is a distribution, publishing, PR and synchronisation company. We are not producers. If an offer of signing is made It is the artist’s’ responsibility at their own expense to have their material recorded, mastered and delivered to Aardvark.

Aardvark Records is an independent record company based in Cornwall that focuses mainly on singer-songwriters who are ready to release music, able to work with us to introduce their music to the world and to capitalise on the promotion we will do for each song we release for you.

As an independent label, founded in 2001, Aardvark Records is actively seeking talented musicians, song-writers, performers and bands for deals ranging from licensing, distribution, publishing, synchronisation to initial development to progress your career in music.

In order to see if we ought to work together, please read on:

Aardvark Records has at least one A&R meeting each month and we will respond to you with some brief feedback by email within 4 weeks of receiving your submission.

Please note: we are only considering songs through the Guest Book, found on the homepage of our site. This way we can:

  1. hear your demo on Soundcloud or Bandcamp.
  2. Look at your online presence
  3. See how you promote your music and your gigs on social media.
  4. See how you present yourselves in terms of background info, links, signposting to buy music, photos, merchandise.

We will be in touch with you.

However, in the name of transparency, if you do not hear anything within a month of signing our guest book, you are welcome to email an Mp3 to sophsweet@gmail.com (A&R for Aardvark Records) for feedback and possible radio play on Cornish radio. Please follow the guidelines Sophie’s Spring Board Show on Facebook and have a look around before sending to maximise your success. Rushed or unthoughtful submissions will not do well.

Before we sign an artist, we would look for:

  1. A brief introduction to your music act saying, in one sentence a). where you are from/based 2. When you started making music 3. what you are doing at the moment with your music (touring/recording/writing etc) 5. your 3 biggest influences (artists/songs).
  2. A link to a free, quickly accessible, website (ones we use frequently, preferably Soundcloud or Bandcamp) where some previous releases can be heard to get an idea of your sound.
  3. If you have a forthcoming release in the pipeline, you are welcome to attach an MP3 to your email with filenamed “Artist Name – Track Name.mp3” if you would like it considered for radio play in Cornwall and online.
  4. Links to the social media profiles or handles you currently use for your music promotion (not personal), e.g.: a). Facebook – your music page name and profile picture b). @yourTwitterhandle c). Instagram d). Pinterest etc.
  5. URL link to your current website. Please also provide a direct URL to your band/artist photo gallery.
  6. URL links to any other music site profiles you use to sell or present your music, for eg YouTube, Spotify,  iTunes, Amazon, ReverbNation, Beatport, Mixcloud, MySpace etc. We need at least 1 of these for consideration. The more the better of course.

Complete submissions only will be considered as it is fairer on new and existing artists on our label to take on 2 new acts a year only. Therefore we will only be considering excellent matches to our offering (if that makes sense). Send items above to mail@aardvarkrecords.co.uk

For artists just starting out, in 2019 we are planning a series of open sessions to get to know new artists around Cornwall and there is a website containing this information here which will also function as a live music listings in Cornwall website in 2019 (work in progress) alongside the Facebook page.

What to put on your website
Writing a good bio
Social Media marketing
Artist photos and cover artworkEditorial publicity – ways to increase audience and promote gigs and releases
Choosing the best gigs – what to look for in venues and promoters.
Presenting yourself to the industry
Approaching producers and studios and how to make the best of them.

Please feel free to contact sophiepr@aardvarkrecords.co.uk if you are interested in any of the above sessions to further your career. Demos can be listened to at these too for feedback.