Zach Prather and the Tribe will play live on 6th November on Facebook Video starting at 8pm GMT or 9pm Swiss time in Luzern.

The live film of four of Zach’s songs will be shown on his Facebook page.

To receive a reminder on Monday before the gig, his label Aardvark Records has set up an event on Facebook and an invite on Eventbrite.

If you miss the live feed, the video of the gig filmed at Zach’s studio in Luzern, Switzerland, will be posted on his Facebook band page.

Zach also has a YouTube channel and you can follow him on Twitter.

HARD TIMES by Sideshow

Sideshow are an indie rock band from the UK. With roots in the indie movement of the late 80s, their main influences are Ride, The Stone Roses, The Cure, The Cult and more recently Oasis.

These influences can be heard in the mixture of brooding melancholy and more upbeat Roses style tracks.

Although band members have come and gone over the 15 years they have been together, the core of the band is 2 man set Blacklock and Bayfield. They gigged in Brighton in the early 2000s.

Sideshow’s new album was recorded, mixed and produced by the band. They recently signed to Aardvark Records.

The Album Hard Times by Sideshow is due for release in July 2017 on Aardvark Records.

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IT’S ABOUT TIME by Raising Day

Rock band Raising Days came to life in 2009. San Francisco-based guitarist David Roesli desire was to resurrect a classic 1980’s classic progressive rock sound by breathing new life into a hackneyed genre. David found the Italian-born and Chilean raised singer Alba Salamina on MySpace. Drummer Tommy Rickard, Keyboardist David Klotz and Bassist John Walden joined a few months’ later.

The band members bring considerable music industry experience to the band. David has long been a successful touring guitarist. Alba, originally signed to Sony Records, worked on solo projects before joining the band. Her previous career included extensive touring in South America with numerous live appearances on music television. John, a native of New Orleans, performed in a number of local bands before making the jump to a successful career as a session musician working throughout the US.

With a client base from Los Angels to Hong Kong, Dave Klotz has enjoyed enviable success as a music composer for film, television, and dance choreography. Dave is a respected industry audio engineer and producer, working in the past with the likes of producers Andy Johns, Thom Penunzio and Dave Schiffman. He is also a seasoned session musician, touring throughout North America and Europe – as well as studio session work.