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9th April 2018
Video about to go live for Looking Out To Sea by Scott Lloyd
13th June 2018

Florida-based artist Everett Young is known as Kicklighter and has unleashed 22 new songs, written to get all his experiences up to that point out of his system before moving on to his real musical love: orchestral music.

On reflecting on these new songs in early 2018, Everett realised they had an instrumental quality, which he realised reflected his early enjoyment of film composers such as John Williams and John Barry, and would be worth releasing for posterity.

Therefore, Paper Planes Volume 1: Too Much Too Soon is out Mid-May to coincide with his official release date in the USA.

To find out more about Kicklighter, to buy Paper Planes Volume 1 and to listen to Everett Young’s back catalogue see our Pop Page.

Florida Artist Releases Albums Before Focusing on Composing for Orchestra