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8th October 2015
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12th January 2017
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Louieze, born in Portishead, Bristol in the UK’s South West, was a keen artist as a child and covered endless reels of wall paper with her drawings.

However music took over her self-expression palette when she joined a band aged 23 as their keyboardist also singing backing vocals. This band played numerous gigs before Louieze set out to record her own songs in a newly created home studio.

With a MIDI set up as well as various instruments, Louieze taught her self to produce music and recorded her own songs, written from her experience, emotions and imagination.

Her first song was about a young English civil and mechanical engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who was born in 1806, as his prolific engineering greatness inspired Louieze musically. After some years spent writing songs and honing her individual sound, Louieze is now ready to release the various songs she has already composed, created and produced.

Louieze’s new video for What Ya Doing to Me will be released on YouTube shortly. Watch this space.

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