Lifelong Musician and TV, radio and Record Producer launches Instrumental Atmospheric Album
11th March 2019
David Koonen reached number 6 in May Starfleet DJ chart

Starfleet Music Pool Chart – number 6

Remixes of tech-house track Regulated by Machines by producer and radio DJ David Koonen featuring Misty Mountain reached number 6 in the Starfleet Music Pool chart.

Up from number 10, Regulated by Machines now shortly follows Ariana Grande, Dua Lip and Diana Ross at the top of the chart and is one position ahead of Fast Eddie featuring Cece Peniston.

David Koonen is a tech-house DJ for Chris Colby’s station Mixradio 100 and he produces minimal and tech-house as well as running a dance label Aardvark Dance in Amsterdam.

One of the label’s artists Duneflyer is up 3 places to number 12 in the same chart of 16th May 2019 with their original mix of Hypnosis Tranception.

Since 2010, David has released a few albums, various EPs and singles of his own plus many tracks for other artists. His songs have ended up in other DJ mixes such as Didgerie Vibes, which featured on Beatport in a compilation album called 100 Minimal & Techno Songs” by Bavaria Recordings. Dutch radio stations have been playing a mix sampling David’s song Alienated.

As Koomar Beat, David has teamed up with DJ and producer Julian Marsh to release 3 EPs so far and tracks Sweet Desire and Fix it have spent time in DJ charts.